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26 Jun 2019
Enterprise Architecture & Digital Transformation: challenges and opportunities

Join us for this varied and informative workshop on Enterprise Architecture and digital transformation. You will hear from a range of Architects from leading UK companies as they share solutions to the common challenges faced during any digital transformation.

Through the speakers’ excellent presentations, and regular discussion sessions throughout the day, attendees will go home filled with knowledge about the multitude of opportunities for the Enterprise Architecture function to deliver value to the business.

What will you learn at this workshop?
1.    How to build an organisational KPI based around technical debt and legacy systems.
2.    The key skills and capabilities you need to have for a successful Enterprise Architecture team.
3.    Ways to navigate the journey to a serverless reactive architecture.
4.    Key knowledge concerning the new look Enterprise Architecture.

Provisional Agenda

09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:15 Interactive activity: Enterprise Architecture across organisations
10:35 Presentation: Vanessa Vasani, Enterprise Architect, Retail Reply
11:20 Break
11:35 Presentation: Deane Copson, Enterprise Architect, National Grid
12:20 Presentation: Artur Ortega, Chief Platform Architect, The Economist
13:05 Lunch
14:00 Morning summary and discussion
14:25 Presentation: Avalon Anglin-Jaffe, Met Office
15:10 Break
15:25 Group discussion and networking session
15:50 Summary
16:00 Close

Presentation descriptions

Avalon Anglin-Jaffe | Enterprise Architect | Met Office
Case study: Building an organisational KPI around technical debt and legacy systems
The Met Office has been this KPI in order to influence organisational behaviour and build a more sustainable organisation. Avalon will share their progress and results so far. 

Deane Copson | Enterprise Architect | National Grid
How to create your Enterprise Architecture team
Deane has held the position of Enterprise Architect at three organisations in three vastly different sectors. He will share his recommendations, based on his prior history, of the most successful set up for an architecture team and the key skills and capabilities required to deliver results.

Artur Ortega | Chief Platform Architect | The Economist
The digital transformation journey of the Economist into a serverless new world
Join the helmsman Artur Ortega, Chief Platform architect at the Economist, on a journey of digital transformation from a monolith CMS as a platform via containerized microservices to a serverless content platform.
It will be a logbook of plain sailing through stormy digital transformation waters thanks to a steady architecture into a brave new agile world.

Vanessa Vasani | Enterprise Architect | Retail Reply
The new look EA
Gartner says that 72% of organisations are restarting their EA effort - what does that mean? Why did it go out of fashion and then come back as a major trend? What are the characteristics of the new look EA?

Cancellation Policy

Please note: While CITF events are free to attend under member corporate subscriptions, if notice of cancellation is provided late - received after 48 hours prior to the day preceding the event (cancellation via the website will be disabled at this time) - or if no cancellation notice is received, a fee of £100 + VAT may be applied.



Avalon Anglin-Jaffe

Enterprise Architect, Met Office


Avalon is an experienced Enterprise Architect, with a demonstrated history of working in the science and technology domains. He holds an MSc in Network Systems Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, and has worked in the architecture team at the Met Office for the past nine years.

Deane Copson

Enterprise Architect, National Grid


Deane has over 10 years of experience leading the Enterprise Architecture team in a variety of organisations. His most recent roles have been at Volkswagen Group, Top Right Group (now Ascential) and Deloitte. He has been at National Grid for the past nine months.

Artur Ortega

Chief Platform Architect, The Economist


Artur believes in championing bold new ideas to empower continuous innovation. He leads Digital transformation at the Economist, where he embraces agile methodologies to introduce cloud based microservices and serverless architectures. As part of his role he determines the architectures for key components of the Economist Group, while influencing the technical direction of digital products across the enterprise.

Vanessa Vasani

Enterprise Architect, Retail Reply


Vanessa Vasani is an Enterprise Architect working on large scale transformation projects in Europe and Africa. Over the last ten years she has seen significant changes in the role of the EA and the impact that Agile ways of working has had on the skills, behaviours and methods required to stay relevant and valuable

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