The Forum is a strongly value-driven organisation, based on its founding 20 years ago, by IT professionals, as an impartial trusted space where IT peers could learn, build their network and receive support to make objective decisions.

What makes the forum different?

It is member driven

Members choose the content of the programme based on their unique needs. Expert delivery and management is provided by an agile in-house team to deliver the most value to members.


Trust & Confidentiality

The structure of the Forum means members can be open and honest. We take great care to preserve an environment that is impartial and independent. All members sign a Service Code of Conduct to enable frank discussions around challenges and solutions.


The shared commitment to learning and knowledge share

All members who are part of the Forum share a fundamental belief in the power of informal learning and external knowledge share as key to boosting career development and performance of the team.


It is available to the whole team

Anyone in your technology function can make full use of the service – including events, online resources and networking.



This is a vendor and sales free space so that decisions and knowledge can be facilitated based only on the facts.


A key focus on value and benefits

Everything we do with members is aligned to their unique goals supported by value plans and continual assessment of the benefit derived from the service.


Our membership profile 

4000 technology professionals


70 member organisations


Representing over 20 different industries

Joining the forum 


The Membership Council 

The Forum works closely with technology leaders within the membership that form part of a council

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