The Forum's Mentoring Scheme helps members to improve reflection skills, self-confidence and ultimately brings more job satisfaction.


IT professionals face numerous challenges: the need to do more for less, reduced headcounts, budgets and work related stress and pressure.  The Forum targets the personal development of members who are well versed in their fundamental technical skills, but need extra skills in other areas.

Our mentoring scheme will help to improve reflection skills, strategies for coping with change or crisis, improve self-confidence and ultimately bring more job satisfaction.  If you are interested in participating mentoring scheme, please contact us.

Special Interest Groups 

Office 365

Actively supporting organisations through their O365 journey.

Gender Balance Committee

Collaborating to improve diversity to the benefit of the organisation.


Establishing best practice principles for using/deploying Salesforce

Supplier Relationship Management

Building a Best Practice Framework for the SRM lifecycle.

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